Is the MailHaven right for you?

You should order and receive physical goods in the mail at least 5 times per month.

You should have a front yard where MailHaven can be installed.

You should be ready to make a deposit of $199 to pre-order your MailHaven.

Pre-Order Benefits

  • Be one of the first people in history to own a smart mailbox.
  • Get the Haven today for $200 (retail value $399) + a $9 monthly service fee.
  • You will receive a one-time free upgrade to your MailHaven.
  • UPS supported pilot roll-out.
  • Receive exclusive retailer deals and discounts.

How it Works

Not quite ready for a Haven but still receive a lot of packages?

Download our package tracking app to view the status of all your packages in one place!

Download MailHaven on iOS App Store

Pre-Order your MailHaven today!


The Louisville pilot has begun. We will follow up with a pilot in the Bay area in June. Sign up if you live in the vicinity to be one of the homes chosen to receive the next 30 units. We will start shipping the final version to the rest of the country in November. In the event of a delay, the amount maybe refunded or the customer may agree to wait for the unit. If a refund is issued, the customer will forfeit their ownership of the unit and their spot in the queue. By purchasing a MailHaven pre-order, the customer agrees that:

  1. The MailHaven may not size all packages. However, it is designed to size 95% of packages shipped.
  2. The MailHaven unit will be an early unt and should be treated as one.
  3. They will share information on the MailHaven use to help with the next iteration of the MailHaven unit.
  4. If there are any problems with theft from the MailHaven, the MailHaven team will work with the customer to reimburse the customer up to $200 if allegations are valid and have an accompanying police report.