If the thoughts keeping you up at night are equal parts “Where’s my package?” and “How can I fight global warming?”, then you’re who we created MailHaven for. From polar bears to the Paris Climate agreement, global warming has been a hot topic. The main focus of the Paris Climate agreement is for every country in the world to work toward preventing the earth from increasing 2°C – That’s basically the environmental point of no return.

How Can You Help Save the Environment?

Since Trump’s announcement that the U.S. is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, certain states have committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions despite the President’s decision. Playing your role in saving the environment is a lot easier when you’re an individual who lives in one of those states. For instance, California passed a law several years ago that made recycling containers the norm in retail spaces. Compare that to Kentucky that has no such legal directive from the state. You only see recycling containers places like Whole Foods that have made being green a part of their brand.

You can still do your part by doing all the basics like:

  • Recycling at home
  • Taking public transportation or biking when possible
  • Pushing local government to implement a green initiative

But you might be surprised to learn that something as simple as receiving your package on the first delivery attempt can make a big difference in greenhouse gas emissions.

What Does Your Package Have to Do with Climate Change?

As of this year, online purchases make up 10% of retail sales – That’s a lot of deliveries! And just think, of that 10%, 1-in-5 of those packages will not get delivered on the first attempt. This is the 2017 version of having to make a second trip to the store because you forgot to get the (almond) milk.

Except instead of it costing you an extra hour out of your day and a little more gas, repeat deliveries are costing retailers millions of dollars every day and adding to our greenhouse gas woes (Check out our “Dude Where is My Package?” post for more on this). The EPA says the transportation industry is responsible for more than a fourth of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Okay, so none of use want to add to global warming just because we didn’t rush downstairs fast enough to sign for our new fidget spinner. Not to mention the fact that nobody likes to wait any longer than they have to for their order to arrive. This is the problem of “The Last Mile” – That’s transportation industry talk for that final moment before your package gets passed from your delivery driver to your home. As you’ve probably experienced personally, this is one of the most challenging parts of the delivery process.

That’s why it’s not just the transportation industry that’s changing in major ways to save money and reduce greenhouse gases. You’re also seeing innovative startups like MailHaven providing consumers with new solutions.

How Can MailHaven Help You and the Environment?

Help the environment by helping yourself.

  • The MailHaven app allows you to track your package through every step of the delivery process
  • The MailHaven smart, IoT-enabled mailbox allows delivery drivers to leave your package in a safe place on their first delivery attempt

And we’ve estimated that if every delivery in North America was delivered successfully on the first attempt, it’d keep as much as 3,742 metric tons of carbon emissions out of the air every year. If you’re ready to be apart of that kind of change, you can join our pre-order today or learn more about MailHaven by contacting us.