It’s official: The MailHaven iPhone app is now available for download in the App Store!

What Does the MailHaven app do?

Never again ask, “Where’s my package?” The MailHaven app is a simple way to stay informed during every step of the shipping process. Our easy-to-use app:

  • Sends you package notifications
  • Lets you manage your online purchase
  • Makes tracking shipments effortless

And the best part, it’s free!

How Does the MailHaven App Work?

After downloading the app, you’ll be asked to setup a custom MailHaven email address: When you make purchases online with your MailHaven email address, your tracking and shipping info will be seamlessly transferred to our app.

Prefer to use your own email address? You also have the option of manually entering your tracking information into our app or simply scan the barcode on your shipping label.

After your tracking numbers are transferred to the app, you can monitor your deliveries and we’ll send you notifications about your package throughout the delivery process.

What Else Does the MailHaven App Do?

You’ll notice that the app has a button for our “Smart Mailbox.” The MailHaven app and our Haven smart mailbox will work in unison. The app keeps you informed during the delivery process and the Haven keeps your packages safe once they arrive. Be the first one on your block with the Haven.

When you click the “More” button at the bottom of the app, you can quickly:

  • View all of your emails
  • Get latest MailHaven news
  • Learn more about MailHaven
  • Send us feedback

Love Our App?

Thanks for downloading our app. If you love it, help us out by leaving us a review in the App Store. Feel free to share our app with your friends, family and neighbors.