I think we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling after arriving home to an empty doorstep and wondering, “Where’s my package?” But what about those magical moments when everything goes right? MailHaven asked for stories about the shipments that sent you straight to mail heaven – And you all delivered!

When Family Sends You Their Love:

“My first year living across the country, my mother sent me an overnight box full of apricots from her tree. I tear up just thinking about it. Ripe apricots are just not something you can find on the East Coast, and they are one of many things I miss about my childhood home.”

💌 Grace P.L.

“I moved 4,000 km away from my family in Vancouver to Toronto. I was terrified because I’d never been that far away from them permanently except for backpacking in South America and Asia. While technically illegal, my parents mailed me beer from breweries in British Columbia. We are huge craft beer fanatics. I had a terrible Christmas with an acquaintance and sobbed about being away from them but one day a package arrived with my favourite beer, my baby blanket, and a big multi-photo frame filled with photos of them and my dogs. I sobbed on my kitchen floor.”

💌 Deidre O.

“Years ago, I was on an international youth expedition called Operation Raleigh: Six weeks sailing, six weeks in Turks and Caicos. After weeks of washing everything in salt water, my clothes, especially my underwear, were starting to disintegrate. One day, about a week after we got off the ship, and we were in Turks and Caicos, I did a mail run for the group and when I got to the post office, I was shocked to see a package for me from my mom. She’d sent me 15 pairs of Jockey underwear – Without me even asking!! Yeah, i might have sold a few pairs…”

💌 Susan T.

“My grandmother sent me homemade rugelach my first summer at sleepaway camp. It made me very popular with the other girls on my floor.”

💌 Madeleine D.

When You’ve Got First-Class Friends:

“After my marriage ended last year, I had to face Christmas as a single mom. My kids are young, and they believe in Santa, and Santa always stuffs everyone’s stockings, including mine. My ex and I would buy each other little things and do each other’s stockings, but that wasn’t going to happen last year. I mentioned how shitty it was to have to stuff your own stocking to my best friends, and over the course of about a week, right before Christmas, package after package arrived at my house. They all sent little wrapped gifts for me to put in my stocking, so I wouldn’t have to do it. I didn’t know it was coming, but it was the best mail week EVER.”

💌 Jayme K.

Flowers are Always A Special Delivery:

“Ex was deployed in Iraq and sent 24 cupcakes and 24 roses for my 24th birthday. Cupcake place was brand new and had never done a delivery. Same guy sent a care package when I was working in Rwanda that got delivered to Kigali, then all the way up to the northern border along the Congo.”

💌 Kaitlyn S.

“I got flowers from a client after an interview. It made my whole week! Part of it was the surprise. The gift could have been anything, what mattered was that I didn’t expect the flowers and he wasn’t trying to get in my draws, just a sincerely nice gesture.”

💌 Africa J.

“My partner just sent me flowers from overseas for my birthday because he could not be here himself and, thanks to the exchange rate, I got a huge tower of roses rather than the usual one rose he can usually give me. It was the talk of everyone who came to celebrate my birthday with me. It made my day.”

💌 Marisa W.

“The first time my boyfriend (or anyone) sent me flowers, I burst into tears. We were long-distance and it was the first time he’d visited me. He had to leave while I was at work, and when I came home there was a huge arrangement waiting for me with a note about how much fun he’d had and how he couldn’t wait to see me again. I still have the note, and five years later we’re still together. (And now he lives with me!) Also, he was in grad school at the time, so those flowers were a huge expense. I knew that it meant a lot for him to do that.”

💌 Leigh K.

Retail Delight via Your Mailbox:

“I shop online so much. I ordered myself some bracelets for my college graduation and the person who sent them to me made me a bracelet as a present for graduating – It was custom-tailored to me with my name and little charms on it. It made my day!”

💌 Alaina L.


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