About Mailhaven

MailHaven is a smart mailbox that tracks and protects your packages. The MailHaven app for iOS allows you to manage your online purchases and track your shipments – all in one place. No more cluttered inboxes, lost tracking codes, or missed deliveries. When used along with the MailHaven smart mailbox, you unlock the ultimate online shopping experience with automatic tracking, protection from the elements, and notifications the instant your package arrives.

Automatic Package Tracking

View transaction details, delivery status, and more for each of your purchases — all in one place, automatically.

No More Missed Deliveries

Get notified when your package arrives. Even when you’re away, packages are safe and sound with the MailHaven smart mailbox.

All-In-One App Solution

The MailHaven app and retailers order notifications work in tandem to provide a seamless experience for the modern shopper.


Kela Ivonye

Kela Ivonye

Chief Executive Officer

Kela is a second-time founder with a passion for building technology that reduces carbon emission in traditional industries. He is a champion for the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative. His academic background is in spatial analysis, and when he is not problem-solving he enjoys reading, watching soccer, and playing volleyball.

Ed Hatfield

Ed Hatfield

Head of Engineering

If you’ve had clothes washed in a GE washer or had chicken from KFC, you’ve most-likely benefited from software written by Ed Hatfield. With experience in each step of the process from building solar-powered electronics to wireless and the cloud, Ed has joined the MailHaven team to create their intelligent mailbox platform – allowing consumers to secure and track their parcels in real-time.

Our Team

MailHaven Team

Pictured: Kevin Morrison, Product/UX; Grayson Newland, Mechanical Engineering; Patrick Tinsley, Backend Developer; Alan Jones, Electrical Engineering; JoBeth Fink, Creative Director; Izaak Pratts, iOS Developer; Josh MacLachlan, Backend Developer